Our API, in its initial version, is dedicated to Cookstoves. It provides a comprehensive set of functionalities specifically designed for handling claims and credentials in this context.

The Claims feature allows users to make verifiable claims related to Cookstoves. These claims are essential for establishing the authenticity of specific events or actions. Here are a few examples of the types of claims that can be made:

  • Fuel Purchase: This claim is based on the verifiable purchase of fuel pellets. By providing a purchase receipt, users can substantiate their claim.

  • Cooking Session: Users can make a claim for a specific period during which the Cookstove was actively used for cooking. IoT data can be utilized to verify the accuracy of this claim.

  • Carbon Emission Reduction (CER): This claim relates to the quantified reduction of carbon emissions achieved by using the Cookstove.

Credentials, on the other hand, serve as official endorsements of the claims made. These credentials are generated by our system's oracles, which meticulously evaluate the submitted claims. Here is an example of a commonly used credential:

  • Verified Emission Reduction (VER): The oracles evaluate the claims and produce a Verified Emission Reduction credential, which validates the achieved carbon emission reduction.

While the initial focus of our API is Cookstoves, it's important to note that the framework can also accommodate other devices and systems that contribute to carbon emission reduction. For instance, Electric Vehicles (EVs) can make similar claims, and our system is capable of producing verifiable credentials for these claims as well.

We are excited to have you on board and look forward to supporting your development efforts with our robust API for Claim Evaluation and Credentials. Let's work together to create a greener future!

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